Monday, 12 November 2012

I haven't managed to update the blog for a long time and although my autumn was busy its now so long since some of the stuff happened that I can't really remember/be bothered to write about ancient history!  So here's a post i started writing a couple of months ago. 

Following on from the last posts cracking tits I was hoping to put a pic up of some Beaver this time!  but unfortunately this is as close as I got.

Yeah OK so it was a furry mammal I was after not more hot women, this blog is supposed to be about wildlife afterall.

We had a lot of poor weather whilst in Scotland recently so we had a couple of hours off one day and went to look at the reintroduction area at Loch Dubh, the sign above talks about how good the engineering is and all the materials used, they're not kidding!!!

We didn't see any Beavers and to be honest it's all a bit man made, it's plastic looking and suspicious.  For instance the sign says they have dammed the area to flood it but the stone chip path that has been made partly with a machine is right alongside the site and the floating pontoons are right next to the dam, would all this work really have been carried out once they had settled down or was it made before they were released, surely the latter would be a risky strategy with the potential for them to bugger off and settle down elsewhere.  Although we didn't stay long we saw a nice Gos.