Tuesday, 25 February 2014

BACK (for good?)!!!!

It's been a bloody long time since I wrote anything on here, I've been prompted to write something by John Grist and Dave Bowes among others mentioning the lack of activity.

Truth be told I didn't have a lot to write about last spring and then I lost my Canon S95 so couldn't do any digiscoping.  I now have a new camera, and an absolute peach it is too.  I still have to sort out a lens for it to get the best from it digiscoping cos at the moment I get lots of vignetting but when sorted it should be brilliant.

Oh what is it?  its a Sony NEX7 I've got a Zeiss 24mm f1.8 and the kit 18-55 zoom at the moment.  I mainly bought it for my increasing interest in landscape photography.  Here's a couple of my first efforts with it

Pretty pleased with these HDR shots although the clouds are too diffuse as the wind was far too strong, story of 2014.

After years of watching Holme on Spalding moor tip I finally scored a pukka Caspo there today.  I had a bird last year but now I think it was most probably a hybrid, unfortunately a subject I know precious little about.

When I got onto this bird it was standing tall strutting around and looked simply massive and stunning, it started preening and typically a Herring Gull landed right in front of it just as I got the camera set up.  From then on it was mostly obscured and I only managed 3 in focus shots before the flock spooked, despite many of them coming back down into the field part of the flock left I didn't see it again.  Also had an Adult Med Gull which is also a rarity at what must be the worst tip in the world for producing anything good.