Saturday, 19 December 2009

I've been flat out with various survey work over the last few weeks so not been out birding much at all and the camera has remained untouched.
I managed to get out for a bit in Dorset the other day and saw about 70 Med Gulls in Weymouth. Couldn't find any Diver or Grebes in Portland harbour or the 500 strong Brent flock on the Fleet until nearly dark and they were miles away so didn't even try to find the Black Brants that are in with them, and tried wthout success to find some Sibe Chiffs in Poole.
Whilst down there it was good to see my old mate Stan, and I managed to frighten his Daughter, seems to happen with most women!!!

I set off back at lunchtime on Fri and made good time despite the weather forecast predicting snow fueled doom and gloom, well until I got to North Cave that was then it all went tits up, 5 hours from Poole to North Cave and 3 and 3/4 to do the next 15 miles!!!! I was pretty sick of it by the time I got in.
Anyway got a bit of work on in the next week but will hopefully get out with the camera over christmas, I'm pretty tempted by the Gyr thats been seen on the Gower so there maybe a lifer in the pipeline.

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