Monday, 23 August 2010

Shit how many people in Britain have found Sharp tailed sand?  Well one of my oldest birding mates just found his second in 3 years tonight!  That's pretty impressive, surely he must be in a club of one.
It was a mad dash from Spurn to Patrington Haven reallignment site dodging various farm machinery that seems to be littering the queens highway at every turn lately, should queen have a capitol Q, you know out of respect?  When we got there John had lost it as a dog walker on the top of the bank flushed the waders up.  After an agonising 20 minutes or so it reappeared.  I say agonising because I kind of hoped it had fucked off, having been lucky enough to see Johns last one I didn't really want this to hang around for all the other top boys to grip back but the bastard did!
The bird showed for about an hour or so before flying off as the tide started to drop but it was never close.

It is in that pic honest I've put a mark in to help all you birdforum regulars find it!

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