Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I was interested to read in Birding World that the Black Duck was reported to show slight Mallard like features and it's suggested it may be the bird from 2007.  It's nice to know top birding luminaries such as the BW editorial team obviously listen to Yorkslister!  Shame the same can't be said for some members of the Surfbirds forum!!!!  How do you add smilies to blog posts?

Seriously though those of you who don't join in on these forums (and I know that's er well nearly everyone I know!) the White billed Diver we had in June has been questioned, actually I was told it isn't one and then it was insinuated that the others we've had this year wouldn't be either!  I've dropped out of the discussion on there because it was becoming circular and to be fair I was ready for losing it with someone.  The fact is 4 people on the boat saw the bird, 3 of us are, or have been on our county records committees and lets face it although not claiming to be infallible we aren't mugs.  So if we get onto a diver with a pale yellowish bill that also shows a brown mealy neck and is massive and in very deep water then as far as I'm concerned it's a case of no further questions your honour.  This whole episode just shows how pics can be misleading in some cases, and it seemed that people were basing their opinion on the bill alone when there is so much more to White billed Divers than the bill.  Interestingly a couple of my mates whose opinion I respect highly don't think it is one based on the pics, on the other hand others do, including two BBRC members.

Anyway enough of that here's a nice calming sunset with the new camera.

I'd like to start taking a few artistic landscapes, the first thing I want to try is using long exposures to get some blurring into water.  I tried on Orkney the other week with some really nice bright green seaweed on a rocky shoreline but I couldn't work out how to do it.  I was setting the shutter speed but it kept overexposing, I'm not sure this camera is flexible enough to do this I need to read the manual!

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