Friday, 2 March 2012

Last year I bought myslef the Canon S95 and tried for the first time to do some landscape photography.  My results of Garda stack on Foula were my good enough to make me think I could capture some decent shots, since then though I've realised just how difficult it is to get shots with anything approaching a WOW factor.  Composition is the one I find hardest and I'm beginning to think I don't really have an eye for it.  So with this in mind I've been reading a few tutorials on t'internet and in some old magazines a mate gave me in an attempt to improve.  I'd come to the conclusion one of the most important things is an interesting sky, it seems a good sky can make up for a lot.

So I've been checking the weather forcast trying to predict which day this week would give me a decent sunrise to go play with some ideas on the beach at Hornsea.  Wed saw me there waiting for the sky to get light only to find it was misty and the sea and sky were all the same colour, bollocks I could have stayed in bed.  I reasoned that while I was there I may as well have a crack at it anyway so on went the wellies.

Lesson learned, the lack of a visible sky actually made it easier to see the composition for some reasonable shots.  Plus when back at home photoshop works wonders when applying a bit of levels to the sky, seems the camaera could see the divide even if I couldn't make it out.

Another thing I've been reading about a little is hyperfocal distance for getting good depth of field, although I kind of understand it I had to make an educated guess at distances for focus points due to the not being able to measure into the sea!!  I worked quite well though with most of the image in focus.

Anyway here's my four best shots from the morning.

There is one small problem with not being able to see the divide between sea and sky, I couldn't tell if my shots were perfectly level but I don't think a slightly sloping horizon detracts from these shots too much.

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Always an entertaining blog - carry on lad - Spring megas on the way!