Friday, 15 January 2010

Got the car back last night so decided to give it a good road test and go see the Black throated Thrush at Newholm. I've seen a few of these before and know they can often take up residence in gardens a bit Blackbird like really, I didn't expect this thing to be quite so approachable though, a bit worrying when you see what's lurking in it's favourite garden! Not to worry though the cat belongs to Dave the bloke who found the bird so hopefully he'll keep an eye on things.

Don't panic the rusty tones to the undertail is caused by reflection from the apples!

Some of these shots were taken down to about 15 feet as the bird flew in and landed right in front of us, the snedge helped with shutter speeds but I can only wander how good they would have been if there'd been any sun. Anyway pretty pleased with them whatever and got the year off to a nice start, rare Thrushes are few and far between.

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