Wednesday, 3 February 2010

finally got my car in something like working order, in addition to the clutch going I've had to put two new tyres on it, change the oil, get some work done to the steering, fix a leak on the rear wash wipe that was filling the boot with screenwash and replaced the seal on the door which was filling the drivers side footwell with rainwater!!!! Feckin thing seems to be costing me an arm and a leg lately.

As for birding I've not really done a lot, managed a day in fife whilst on stand by with work so saw plenty of sea duck, and went out with Towel and Jack last weekend and saw a couple of Hen Harriers including a cracking ad male, but that's about it. I'm off to see Jim (sorry James now he's gone posh!) in Holland at the weekend so should have plenty of pics of gooses to put up next week!!


Harry said...

Hi Garry,
Get a move on, Jim/James has already written your weekend up on his blog, we need the scandal-ridden version for comparison!

Yorkshire Birding said...

Sorry Harry been really busy since I got back and without a laptop, I'll get on with it in the next few days.