Monday, 8 November 2010

It's been a long time coming!  After a couple of (well three actually) people asked when I was going to update this I thought I'd better post something.  Actually come to think of it I wonder if those three are the only ones reading this!

Well the reason for the lack of updates is mainly that I was away on Shetland for a month and whilst up there my laptop died, along with notes I was going to use for writing this and most of my pics.  I will be able to get them back but it's taking time.  I'll write something about the Shetland trip later in the winter when there's fuck all else to do/see.

Since I got back I've been out to Spurn a few times and been doing some counts on the Humber but not seen a great deal, a few Waxwings and a conti Coal Tit are about the best of it.

Flamboro has hit gold again with the Brown Shrike, maybe It's just a case of grass being greener but they do seem to be aceing Spurn the last few years.  I've got no figures to back this up but my gut feeling and I think the general concensus is that Spurn gets more birds but as a local there we get the same old species all the time like Radde's and Booted's.  Flamboro keep getting the quality like Olly's and things from a long way east with Brown in the name!  Apart from the Baillon's Crake and a couple of Swifts in the last few years the last truly good bird off the top of my head was the Grosser.  We do seem to be competing a bit more with seabirds tho now they've stopped reading Harrison before each seawatch.......

I suppose like everyone else I'll have to comment on the Twitching programme last week I though Brett came across as slightly mad (but we all know he is anyway) but as a proper birder and really genuine, the others came across as a brown nosing johnny come lately and a mad egotist but overall I thought it was highly entertaining.

As for the idiots on birdforum saying the treatment of the young Craig girl deserved attention from social services I'd like to ask what fuckin planet are you really on, I've never heard such utter bollocks.


Tristan Reid said...

I thought Brett came across really well on the documantary as did the Craig family. Though after reading the comments on birdforum I am scared to take my daughters birding with me ;-)

Yorkslister said...

Tris I bet they're shitting it at the thought of u taking them out birding mate!!!