Monday, 17 January 2011

Apologies to anyone bothered about the long gaps between posts, truth is I just can't be arsed, winter is shit I've seen fuck all for months!

Actually tha'ts not quite true I have seen the Rough leg at South Ferriby and the Ring billed at Mirfield plus on my travels had some ace views of Common Dolphin riding the bow wave of the boat.  I also went to Morocco at Xmas for 6 days which I'll post about later with plenty of pics.

This last weekend saw Mr Pilsworth have his stag do in Scarboro, a decent night was had by all, except John Hewitt who was sidetracked by the Slaty-backed Gull at Rainham.  For those that aren't sure about how to do them this guide is indispensable If I said I agreed with this nobody would believe me but I reckon it's probably how John is feeling!

Anyway back to the stag do nothing too untoward happened, PC got lost on the way back to the hotel and by the look of his jeans managed to slide about on his arse in lots of mud and GS got lost between ale establishments and wandered round every pub in Scarboro for 2 hours 'til he found us.  We must be getting old ten years ago every stag do I went on was complete carnage!

Here's a couple of pics of the groom




At least it gave the dirty bastard Turnstones something to scoff! 

I've managed to get my Shetland stuff from last autumn off the old deed laptop so at some point before spring will upload a few bits about that with a few nice pics of some rare(ities)!

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Anonymous said...

Rare(ities) - good man, Garry! Enough of this yoof culture slang. Let's bring back 'birdspotting' and using 'prismatic field-glasses' to gaze upon 'wind-blown waifs'.

Tom Mc