Thursday, 10 March 2011

Spent all last week on Orkney doing a couple of surveys, bit quiet not much to see but got about a day and a half to do some proper birding.
Spent a lot of time checking offshore looking for Scoter hoping for a surfer, didn't manage it obviously but saw a few Velvets plenty of Slavs and GND's. Had a couple of Icelands got a few pics but best of all was a cracking drake Long tailed Duck on the peer sea at Kirkwall, I'll upload the pics from the camera later but for now here's a nice pic of the old man of Hoy from the ferry home

Spent a bit of time looking for the northern bullies and bearded seal but as usual failed miserably, I don't think I'm ever gonna connect with that bastard seal.
Also good was the flock of Greenland Whitefronts at the loons RSPB reserve and a single with pinks at tankerness. I've only seen this race once or twice before.

Not really tried to use the new phone for pics through the scope yet but had time to fire off this one otter shot at tankerness, it's the only one I've seen on Orkney

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