Wednesday, 30 March 2011

well another week and another trip to the western isles, this time Tiree where we found 2 more White billed Divers (bill is gonna send me the pics when he sorts them out).  These two were great because after the one in Jan we both said we could have overlooked it a a distance so it was educational with what to concentrate on, it's not the bill with bins on a moving boat at distance trust me.  Both of these birds were over 300 metres away so I was really chuffed to nail them.

We managed almost a full day birding on Mull after the survey and saw the usual large numbers of Great Northerns, some slavs, a Red necked Grebe Bill found this in early march, it's a description sp for Argyll and it hadn't been reported since giving some idea of how well watched Mull is!  We saw a pair of WHhite tailed Eagles at the nest from the boat and good prolonged views of a Golden.  As usual Otters were fairly easy to see including a really obliging pair that I managed to video.  I used the iphone for this just held up against Bills Kowa 883 with 20-60 zoom I tried to focus using the phones screen but didn't quite nail it so the vid isn't quite sharp but it's still pretty good.  Trouble is it's too big to upload and I've no idea how to compress it so can't stick it up.

We also saw the Pied billed Grebe and I tried the video on that but focused with the scope first I think this is really impressive for a phone!!!

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