Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Didn't realise how long it is since I last posted!

I forgot to post up the pics of the White bills from the last western isles survey so here they are.  All the pics are copyright Bill Aspin.

This bird was pretty distant, Bill has cropped these pics out quite a lot but it was still distinctive enough at almost 500 metres to pick out with bins.  Note the really thick based neck which is obvious given reasonable views.  This one held it's bill up at an angle and looked brown even at this distance.

Closer this one and easier to pick out on the brown colour alone, note again the very thick set base to the neck.  We see over 100 Great Northern's on this survey every month and they never give this impression on power in the neck.  This bird didn't hold it's bill above level so this is if a bird isn't it doesn't mnean it's not a White billed.  They should be in Summer plumage by next month.  

Bill also got this stunning pic of a Peregrine, it's awesome.

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