Friday, 29 April 2011

With 270 Arctic Terns flying out of the Humber at Spurn today and birds reported from plenty of inland waters it seemed like Hornsea would be a good bet, I was wrong there were none!  four had been seen earlier in the day but not by me cos I was watching the Pratincole.

There wasn't much else on the Mere to be honest apart from thousands of Sand Martin but I couldn't pull anything out from in amongst them, so I had an ice cream!

The only bird of note was however pretty smart, this "channel type" Wagtail has I think been around a few days and showed pretty well considering the number of people walking round kirkholme point.

I remember a few years ago, before anyone had invented the term channel wagtail, I uploaded a pic to the Spurn website of a bird I didn't see that was thought to be a beema type flava wag, it seems obvious now that  it was one of these.

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