Friday, 29 April 2011

After dipping the Collared Pratincole at Spurn last Sunday due to being on the way to the Western Isles I decided to make the short trip over to Immingham this morning where it was refound earlier in the week.  It was showing really well at pretty close range being in the air most of the time, unlike the last on I saw at High Eske which was distant and on the ground the whole time.  Getting pics was pretty difficult due to the presence of a few hawthorns between us and the bird but with patience some good pics would have been possible, I don't have any patience so had to make do with this pic which is heavily cropped.

Getting pics wasn't helped by the ongoing problem of having a knackered camera, it still takes pics but keeps locking up and giving an error 30 code.  I really need to buy another camera body and am tempted with a secondhand 1D series maybe a 1Ds mk11.  Then again Bill has a 7D which seems very impressive.  Any opinion which would be best much appreciated.


Mike Watson said...

Get a 1d series, 1d4 if you can. I wouldn't go back to using a hobby body. Better performance at higher iso than 7D, great autofocus, large buffer, awesome battery life, much more robust. There should not be a question. Btw you can also lease one for around £120 per month, contact me for details. Good luck, Mike

Yorkslister said...

Cheers Mike I thought it would be the way to go but I can see the 300 f4.0 not being a match for the body and me having to upgrade to a 300 f2.8 soon after!!!!!!!!