Saturday, 11 June 2011

When I was speaking to the birders on Holy Island I really didn't expect to be watching a White throated Robin so soon but there was no way I wasn't going to Hartlepool when news broke early the next morning.

The journey up was slightly eventful as I ploughed into the debris from a truck blow out and caused a fair bit of damage to the front of the Honda. The most worrying was the coolant dripping from the underneath, it looked like we might not make it but fortunately it seemed to be from the air con radiator rather than the engine coolant.

When we got there the bird was showing well almost immediately and performed well for a couple of hours before flying into the docs garden. Chaos then ensued as the crowd built up but the bird was missing. The result was well publicised with locals bringing ladders out so birders could see over the high wall.

Did a couple of breeding bird surveys during the week on the Humber and had a day at spurn when I dropped on a cracking Red foot that went south. Pics are on the website

Had another crack at the Robin on the way to Scotland for a survey but it had done it's usual early afternoon bunk so I salvaged something from the day by having an ice cream! When the bloke offered me strawberry sauce he referred to it as monkey blood!! Genius.

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Mike Watson said...

Cracking photo! Prints available £2.50 plus SAE;)? Mike

Yorkslister said...

That's the one Mike, not bad for an iphonescoped shot though. I've been using Mr Aspins 7D, impressed. I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a new(ish) camera think it's going to be a 1d mk3 but not sure whether to go for the s or n version