Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Had a few days in Northumberland with Alison over last weekend, we camped near Seahouses and had a good time,  didn't really get to do any proper birding but had Marsh Harrier near the campsite and a day on the Farnes which was smart, I've been before but the spectacle of the place is very impressive.  As usual the camera was playing up making flight shots of the Terns and Puffins difficult.  The weather wasn't helping either, Friday had been amazing without a cloud in the sky but Saturday dawned very dull and overcast.  Despite this some of the shots came out acceptable.

I just keep wondering how good they would have been given a working camera and sun?

Sunday we had a drive onto Holy Island,  I called in here last year on my way home from Shetland (which reminds me I still haven't got round to posting about last autumns Foula trip) but due to time of tides I only really had about an hour to look around.  Having had chance for a bit of a walk round now I can say I really like the place.  Ok so it doesn't get the birds Spurn does but it's pretty good and the habbo is really nice, I'd love to spend a couple of days here one autumn, maybe with a bit of a crew in a holiday cottage and a few beers on a night, it could be a winner.

I bumped into a few birders who commented they hadn't seen a migrant so although it was easterly and rain didn't seem too likely I'd find much.  A couple more told me the best areas to check and we mused over possible species such as Marsh Warbler, Icky and Red backed Shrike.  I slipped White throated Robin into the mix....................................little did I know!!!!

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