Monday, 16 May 2011

My missing posts have mysteriously returned!!  So now it looks like I've been repeating myself!  Strange goings on.

One of the lads at Spurn woke on Sunday morning and remarked "north fuckin westerlies, good for fuck all in May".  A Tawny Pipit, Bee-Eater, White tailed Eagle and 2 Quail.  Not bad for north westerlies!

I got there and went straight for the Pipit, I'd like to say it showed really well and I got this stunning pic

But truthfully I didn't this is from Oman.  It showed shite, well it did if like me you opted not to bother with a scope and carry the camera instead.  The pic below is the best I could manage of it. Also got distant flight views of the Golden O but little else.

Whilst watching it I heard Mark had had the Eagle at Hornsea (decent couple of days at the mere with thisa and R R Swallow) and Shortly after that Ade had had it over Aldborough, it looked like it was gonna stick to the coast so I opted to get to the north of the gas terminal and pick it up as it came over Holmpton.  The flaw in my plan was that the bird flew low to the west of us and evaded detection.  Smithy remarked whilst we were waiting for it that eagle eye Adam Hutt would probably pick it up from his position at the seawatch hide first even though we were 3+ miles north of him.  In the event he did as it came out over the Humber somewhere to the west of Sammy's.  Almost as soon as it was picked up it dropped really low over the water and into the heat haze where it promptly disappeared.  It was probably only visible for a minute or so and if you weren't on it straight away you had no chance.

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