Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I managed to do North Cave 3 times last week before I got sick of the place!  It's really not my cup of tea, I hate tea, never drink it.  I guess it's just not my sort of site.  I prefer to wander where I like not walk along a pre-set route and look from hides, they're ok if it's raining.  The ones at north cave never even get amusing graffiti or shaggers in them like the Fairburn ones did when I birded there!  There is a stage 2 and stage 3 extension to this place planned, more of the same, when in fact initially a landfill was proposed.  Now lets look at this, a landfill site next to a series of lakes for bathing with islands and causeways for roosting, sounds perfect and it's the one time when a hide would be useful so I don't have to sit in the car looking at Gulls, and the YWT  got it stopped, tossers.

So after not getting out all weekend (too many other birders) I decided on a few hours out today.  First stop was Bewholme Hall pond, well if I'm not gonna find a Temminck's I may as well have a look at one someone else has!  It wasn't to be, a Wood Sand, 2 LRP and 2 Common Sand where all that was present.  I only discovered this place last year, it does look a good little site though, I can imagine it getting a monster one day.  Next on to Hornsea where the Spooner was seen but initially nowt else.

Pretty typical view of a Spooner, laziest bird in the world

After I'd been there about half an hour the Spooner flew, no really it did, for about 10 metres then it returned to the same spot.  All the nearby ducks (including a drake pintail) didn't though they carried on flying round.  The culprit was an Osprey which spent the next hour and a half hovering about but I didn't actually see it try to catch anything.  A little Egret dropped in (not a common bird at Hornsea......yet) and a Common Sand calling where the only other birds of note but a good bit of crack with Mark and someone skyving off work who shall remain nameless!

Once back in Beverley I called in at Swinemoor to look at the one remaining puddle the farmer hasn't managed to drain completely yet and was pleasantly surprised to see 2 Wood Sands.  It's totally criminal that this site isn't protected in some way, please if someone from the RSPB or whoever is reading get it sorted, not the YWT tho for fucks sake they'll just turn it into another North Cave!

Ok so the pics are shit but they're with the phone, if they were Lesser Legs it'd be job done and it saves me carrying round a proper camera.

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