Thursday, 12 May 2011

I decided not to bother going for the Rock Bunt first thing, my logic was that it was unlikely to have hung around for 5 days in spring so I would wait for news.  Seems everyone else had the same idea!  I got a phone call from Brett at 07.45 saying he was the only person there, that's just stupid, surely some local birders would have gone and checked it out?  Did anyone else bother all day or was Brett the only person to go and search?

This got me thinking, if none of the locals have gone do they know something we don't.  Lets look at what we do know.  It was seen by a birder who wishes to remain anonymous.  The only pic in the public domain was scanned from a print.  it was sent to the BTO for id.  The bits that concern me are the anonymous bit and the scanned print.  If you want to commit a hoax recent history tells us birders can be pretty good sleuths, well a print is a sure fire way of making sure you can't be caught out by the EXIF data embedded in the image.  As for the anonymity well lets just hope he's not too shy because I suspect the BBRC will want to have a word and see the original digital file.  I know I would!

This evening I got a call from Steve Webb to say he'd just found a Temminck's on Swinemoor, arse I checked there earlier today.  To be fair I only checked from the road and couldn't see the near edge of the pool.  I had a proper walk onto the pasture this evening but still couldn't see it, just the Wood Sand, LRP and a couple of Redshank which I'd seen earlier.  It only took me ten minutes to get there after Steve had left too.  I guess it must have been flushed or be hiding in the long grass!!

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