Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Ok so my self found list isn't the biggest but it's not embarrassing either. There is one glaring omission though...... Temminck's Stint! I know I ought to have found loads but I haven't growing up at Fairburn it was a really rare bird and never on the radar to find really. Since moving to East Yorkshire in the mid 90's they seem to have got much commoner but I've still not managed it. So this week I'm gonna visit north cave gravel pits in the hope of laying that particular one to rest, no luck today though! Did shoot down to Spurn this afternoon for the Sub Alp just for want of anything better to do to be honest. Anyway got there just as Adam pulled it out of a net.

This evening I've been to The cinema to see TT3D- Closer to the edge, to give it it's full title. If you're into bikes you have to see it it's awesome, even if you're not into bikes it's worth a watch some bits might be a bit boring but it's pretty gripping stuff and well made

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