Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Been playing around with the S95 a bit more, I really surprised myself with these shots of flying Little Gulls.  OK so they're not brilliant but digiscoped flight shots are a new one on me and with better light/more practice I reckon I could get some good stuff.  This camera really seems to deliver much better images at low ISO setting and I had to use ISO800 to get these and have overdone it a bit with the sharpening so will try for better tonight as the light is really good at the moment.

There's a few waders starting to move through Hornsea and the southern edge and kirkholme point look good for something.  I've had Dunlin, Ringo, Ruff, Whimbrel, Common Sand (2) and Green Sand the last two days.

Here's a shot of the juv Ruff which dropped in close on Kirkholme this morning

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