Thursday, 4 August 2011

Jeez the rain at Hornsea tonight was spectacular, almost as impressive as the Little Gulls, over 2000 tonight.

The rain also dropped a few interesting birds in 6 common, 2 green sand, a knot, a curlew and 2 oycs.  Also a Garganey present and I may have missed other stuff as I was sheltering/looking at Little Gulls a lot.

I'm amazed how few people come to see this spectacle, tonight I had literally hundreds of birds fly past me within five metres whilst on Kirkholme point (they stayed open til nearly 8pm tonight, a regular thing on Wed night in Aug) if I had a DSLR that worked I'd have incredible shots.

This was the best I managed before the rain came down

I really wanted to get great shots of adult summer birds and juvs.  There's still plenty of time for the juvs, in fact there's only a few about yet but the adults are rapidly losing their hoods!

Lawts has asked me what my set up is for these shots so here's a couple of pics of the centering device I've knocked up.

I covered it in tape cos it was very thin and flimsy but to be honest the only effect it's had is to make my fingers sticky every time I use it!

So how many of the birds on the montage in the background of these shots can you id?  I reckon there's about half a dozen that are id-able.

I also had a mess about with photoshop on a sunset from tonight after the rain had cleared,  I haven't a clue what the best adjustments/enhancements are for landscapes but this turned out quite striking.

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