Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I'm getting a bit fed up with this.  In the last month I've refound the SemiP on the Humber at Pat Haven, got shit pics and got nobody else onto it.  Found the Pechora on Foula with Frenchy and only saw it in flight and got no pics (it was seen on the deck by another birder tho).  Found the Arctic Warbler which fucked off after 15 minutes, and only 3 of us saw it (Bill did get some good pics tho)  And now this!!

What's this?  It's a fecking septic Goldie on the Wolds nr Driffield.  I saw the bird ok, the wind was a bit of a pain but it showed well enough but it too fucked off before anyone else could get to see it, I also got more shit pics!!  really shit with my phone cos I'd left the camera in the car by accident.

I've been back today but although I saw 350 Goldies the views were shit and it was even windier, so it could still be there, we'll have to's not in this first pic, it's just to show the views I was getting today with the birds all hunkering down out of the wind.

Views like these aren't helpful!

Told you they were shit!  You can see the size and colour tho.

Size difficult on this but looks dainty and long winged, 
I think!!!

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