Sunday, 9 October 2011

Twenty years ago I missed the Mugimaki Fly at Stone Creek, I've looked at the wood many times since and felt gutted, my only saviour was the fact the BOU dumped it into cat D.  Seems my luck just ran out, with one caught in Italy the other day surely now the BOU have to look again at the record and upgrade it the same as they had to do when the Brown Fly turned up at Flamborough.  Despite being one of the few of the top ten in Yorkshire who missed it I really think it should be on the list.

C'mon BOU surely now's the time to do the decent thing!


Mike Watson said...

Couldn't agree more. I stood in that flipping awful rain too, with people stringing robin into the flycatcher etc. Could there be another chance one day?

Mark said...

I didn't stand in the rain cos' I was there the day before ;-)