Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Devil worship!

In what seems so long ago it might as well have been a previous lifetime I worked at Minsmere for a about a year from Oct 87 'til Sept 88.  During that time there were some funny goings on on the reserve. We found structures made out of cut saplings, cubes and pyramid type things.  They were usually in the wood but a couple of times they were found in the middle of the reserve entrance road, put there in the night by person or persons unknown, the warden was convinced it was some kind of evil worship going on.  One day as we were going along the road we found a 'thing' in the wood just a few yards from the road, this thing was in the form of a four legged animal like a dog and had a winged creature of some kind coming out of it's back.  It was made from wire coated in resin and then covered in rough brown felt, it looked quite realistic.  The warden (who was a Jehova's Witness, and no doubt absolutely shitting it) sent a couple of us down to remove it and destroy it.  We were never really sure what was going on to be honest, but we put the wind up each other when cycling to the pub, we seemed far less bothered about it all on the way home tho!  Anyway what's the point to all of this you ask, well a couple of weeks ago I saw this very same creature again, but in the flesh this time.  OK so they were minus the fuckin demon coming out of it's back but I tell you they look the same.

Here's one of the evil looking bastards

Somewhere probably back at my parents house I'll have a pic of the thing from Minsmere, I'll try to find it next time I'm over in Wakefield and put it up on here.

Anyway those of you who have been for the crippling northern Long tailed Tits nr Halifax have probably seen the same thing.  Did you see the Tit?  If you haven't been for these you have to, they are amazing stunning little things.  I saw the ones at Spurn/Easington many times but couldn't resist going to see another.  I didn't manage any pics so here's a few of the birds in Easington.

Considering these birds were around all winter and these were the best pics I could manage I have to say I think they are probably the hardest birds I've ever tried to photograph.  OK so Swifts or Hirundines are impossible but you know you'll struggle with those.  These are nice cuddly little Tits that just hang about round nut feeders giving pornstar views, did they bollocks, they never sat still and you couldn't get anywhere near them!

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