Saturday, 18 February 2012

You'll remember last year a load of us went to Scarborough for Pilsworths stag do, we had such a good time we decided to do it again, well not exactly nobody was getting married but we fancied another piss up among the bright lights.  A good day night was had by all with plenty of all consumed and a few snedge balls thrown as we were out in the middle of a deluge of the white stuff.  The night culminated in Speighty busting jacks nose with some enthusiastic dancing.

I got up there early and did a bit of birding in the general area with Jack and Tim.  Here's the results

 Hoody on Seamer tip, probably the longest staying Hoody in Yorks for years.

A couple of Med Gulls at Holbeck.  Taken with the S95 on 3.8x zoom.

  A few more of the Dessy Wheatear which after becoming the longest staying in Britain ever romptly fucked off, or keeled over in the freezing weather.

Can you see the bird?

That any easier?  Mad Bittern sat in full view in a Hawthorn clump miles from any fresh water!

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