Sunday, 8 April 2012

Last years White Spotted Bluethroat at Spurn was the first since 1966, so it's amazing that not one but two have turned up today.  The first bird was in the sheep field at chalk bank and showing well so I really couldn't resist going down for it because I've never seen a White spot in Britain before, they are pretty rare and unpredictable in their appearance.



Can you imagine that, I've just driven a round trip of about 70 miles to look at a bird I can't tick I must be fuckin mad!  Oh no I'm not I'm a birder unlike all the twats on birdforum etc who wouldn't go for the Thayer's because they can't tick it, they really make my blood boil fuckin knob jockeys.

And another thing you also see is they're all asking can someone tell me which fields the gull has been seen in, or is there anywhere safe to park, or even worse do I need to bring wellies for this bird.....

No you fucking don't you don't actually need to go see it in the first fucking place cos it will mean absolutely fuck all to you!  If you need to worry about parking you should just drive straight past the birders at Elsham and continue on to Barton where you will find a lovely car park and hides where you may see Marsh Harrier, you almost certainy won't see Bittern or Bearded Tit because they are skulking/small and require a certain amount of skill to see, which you don't possess beause you're clearly not a true birder.  You will be able to buy a coffee though and you'll go home just as happy as you would if you'd seen the Thayer's Gull.  Anyway looks like it's gone, if you didn't go until you'd spent two days gathering all the necessary information I'm glad you fuckin missed it.


mq said...
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jonny said...

Quality rant Garry

Anonymous said...

Excellent rant well put Garry, and very cathartic. Tell me to "f#ck off", but tone down a tad, and it'd f#ckin sting!

mq said...

Deleted my previous comment due to drunken unsavory gutter language use on somebody else's weblog. Did I really say that?

Excellent rant.