Thursday, 21 June 2012

Right it's been ages since I wrote any shite on here and a few mates have been giving me grief over it so I aim to make amends and write a load of bollocks about a few things over the next few weeks.

So what has happened since April, well in birding terms not fuckin much.  I was away in Scotland at the end of May so I missed the Orphean Warbler at Hartlepool which was a bit if a wounder, but not as much as missing the Gull billed Tern at Hatfield/Thorne wherever it was.  Several of the top Yorkshire boys connected with that one including reinstated top man Dave Hursthouse, he'd recently drawn level with the charlatan who was pretending to be at the head of the field when he gripped back Pallid Harrier, then with the Tern went back clear.  It's coming to something when almost every lister in the county is happy for a Derbyshire man to be number one in God's country!!!

I went to Spain on my mate Jim's stag do in early May and met a few new Dutch friends, we had a great laugh, especially with Rene Pop who I shared a car with for the week, he had me in stitches and vice versa.  I can't really tell you anything more about it cos it's the law of the stag!  I suppose it's OK to say we saw lots of good birds and Iberian Lynx, I'll put some pics up shortly, I've tried to put some vid up but it's dicking about and won't have it!  So here's a pic instead.

Iberian Lynx

I honestly thought that was about all we would see of these beasts but within 10 minutes of getting to the viewpoint Rene had found this...

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