Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lying bastards

A short post this, just to have a whine about optics retailers, well one in particular, Bass and Bligh in Harrogate. A few weeks ago they had the 8x32 SV's listed as in stock on their website, as I also wanted to visit a bike shop nearby I took a drive over there only to be told they had sold them, ah well i suppose it's no problem and to be honest I should have rung to double check Last time I was travelling up to Scotland I thought I'd try again as I was passing nearby, same story just sold them they'll be back in stock at the end of the week. Yesterday I tried again only to be told they haven't had any.......and as far as they know nobody else has. What a crock of shite In Focus have had them at least cos my mate fuckin bought a pair from them. What really pisses me off though is why bother lying that they have had them and sold at least a couple of pairs, I really can't see what they have to gain from that. TOSSERS. At least it means In Focus or Birdnet Optics will be getting my custom now.

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