Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Meet the new BOSS!!!

It's a few weeks ago now but what a win in the Tour for Bradley Wiggins, epic and truly an amazing achievement being the first British winner.  Then he went and won another gold medal in that there London! I wonder if next year it'll be a case of same as the old boss?

With the exception of Mark Cavendish who couldn't manage to win the road race and Vic Pendleton who seems to have been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh decisions the whole of team GB cycling seems to be unstoppable, hang on is that something we really are world beaters at?  Certainly looks like it Mark!

All this cycling on telly made me want to get out on my bike, I certainly need to get fitter and lose a few stone!  Trouble is mountain bikes are shit on the road, they really are no fun.  And around here the paths are all straight round the edges of fields with the only decent singletrack in woodland around the edges of the Wolds necessitating at least 10 miles on the road in order to get to anything worth riding.  Also at this time of year they are terribly overgrown with nettles and in winter the mud is so sticky it;'s impossible to ride through as it clogs your wheels up to the point they won't turn.  The other option is to stick the bike in the car and drive to somewhere like Dalby Forest or west Yorks but then you need at least half a day spare.  The upshot of this is you don't end up riding very often, well I don't.  So I've gone and done something I never thought I would, I've bought a road bike!  It's rather smart actually and amazingly fast.

I'm never gonna be a Bradley Wiggins but hopefully it'll help me do more exercise.  I've even thought that at some point I might try to do the odd race if I feel fit enough.  I've only ever done 2 cycle races, a cross country and a downhill on the mountain bike.  To be honest it wasn't much of a downhill, it was in Dalby and is now part of the black run there.  The cross country was an excellent course at Owler Bar nr Sheffield and I was knackered after it but the buzz was good.  I finished 18th in both weirdly.  I might have soem pics somewhere I'll try to dig out and scan.


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