Sunday, 26 July 2009

Bought a new tent recently after a bit of research I decided on an MSR here's a link to it

Got to use it on Friday night when I had to do a vantage point survey at dusk then another one at dawn on Sat. It shoud be £250 but after a quick internet seach I found one at field& for £200, they're part of the Sports Direct group so I presume it was nestled in between the Nickleson polo shirts and the Reebok Classics!! It does seem money well spent it looks a very good design, my old tent is 17 years old and it's amazing how much things have moved on since then.

Sat I went for a bit of a drive up the coast and found a nice group of Terns on some rocks so after patiently waiting for the sun to show itself got a bit more practice with the camera, quite pleased with a couple of the pics of a nice juv Arctic Tern. Only trouble is when I change them from RAW to TIFF files to alter the curves and sharpen them my software doesn't give me the option of saving them in a format small enough to upload so I have to change them to JPEG's and do the alterations but then they lose too much quality! I hate this camera!!!

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