Thursday, 23 July 2009

Managed to get to Hornsea on Sat night but all the Little Gulls were too distant to make it worth getting the camera out. There were about 90 present, also a moulting adult Black Tern a couple of Common Sands and an eclipse drake Garg.
Although I've lived around Beverley for 15 yrs I've only been to High Eske and Pulfin Bog twice, basically cos it's shite! On Tuesday though I had to make the effort and go look at the Collared Pratincole, bit of a bumper year for them in Yorks following the bird in West Yorks in the spring. Shame really it was a nice blocker over all the low listing jonny come latelies.
Anyway watched it for best part of a couple of hours and saw it fly about 2 yards! Although the wing pattern wasn't seen the tail was longer than the wings at rest and it's a nice pale bird and the dark lores didn't extend up onto the sides of the forehead, couldn't see the shape or extent of the red at the bill base due to distance but I guess it's not gonna do an Amur Falcon on us! Rattled off a couple of shots of a Common tern that came close. Also a shot of an Arctic I tok a couple of weeks ago in Scotland not quite the same pose but I think it illustrates the shape differences between the 2 quite well. Arctics must be one of my favourite birds they're stunners.
Back up in Scotland now for another week or so.

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