Thursday, 9 July 2009

Whilst up here I've not got much birding done other than the surveys, so last Sat I decided to have a drive over to see the River Warbler at Applecross. The last and only other River Warbler I've seen was way back in Norfolk in 1989. One of the abiding memories of that twitch was my old mate Phil Hansbro hitting and killing a cat on route, he didn't want to leave it in the road so carried it to the nearest farmhouse and placed it lovingly on the doorstep, like the birding mafiosa!
Any way the Applecross bird showed ok but unfortunately it was a bit wet and bedraggled so the undertail covert and breast marking were a bit difficult to see, all the same a nice bird which gave me an opportunity to study the shape and listen to the song in life rather than recordings, really weird how the whole bird shakes when it sings.
Also seen whilst on route were 3 adult White tailed Eagles one of which I managed to get a "poor record shot" of!
Also managed to score a Drag tick in the form of an Azure Hawker at Loch Maree, disappointedly couldn't find any Emeralds or White faced Darter though.

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