Friday, 27 November 2009

Firstly let me say thanks to those that have commented on this blog, it's taken a while for people to find it cos I've not really advertised the fact aside from a few mates. However this isn't quite a democracy! If you've got something to say I welcome your comments but anyone criticising must leave their name, sorry but I don't go round leaving anonymous comments and won't tolerate it on here. As for those leaving childish school playground comments well you can just fuck off you tossers. Anyone posting something against these simple rules will be deleted. Its my blog I make the rules if you don't like them read someone elses!

Anyway back to the birds, I took a drive round the Wolds today looking for raptors, managed to see a couple of Peregrines, 3 Buzzards and between 12 and 15 Kites. I managed a few shots of the Kites before it got too dull.

I'm not too disappointed with these but I do find it really hard to get proper focus lock on birds in flight even when they are as big as a Kite. I suppose I just need to keep practicing


GXM said...

Two sayings come to mind. Least said soonest mended and Committee members should be seen and not heard.

Learn from it.

Yorkshire Birding said...

You're probably right with the first one Graham but I don't feel the need to learn any lessons! I am outspoken always have been always will be!
With the second there's nothing to say committee members can't have an opinion and shouldn't voice them, especially when nothing is in circulation. Obviously if a description is submitted for any sighting within the county I don't go round voicing opinion on forums unless I have seen the bird, like last years Canvasback claim which I said from the outset was hybrid.


JRM said...

You never said from the outset it was a hybrid. Read your own posts on birdforum. SC deserves all the credit for this.

Yorkshire Birding said...

Can you read? I've copied my own post from the bf thread (post 68 if you wanna check) I think it proves otherwise!

Tanager I've gotta disagree with you I saw this bird this afternoon and was very let down by it I'm not claiming to be an expert on these and I need to do some more reading up but I suspect this bird is a hybrid. For me it didn't seem big or pale enough and the bill clearly has a pale rectangle on the upper edge which was easy to see when viewed front on but vanished when side on but it's deffo there, I couldn't however detect any pale like this on any of the pics CAU linked to!
I saw the first bird in Cambs and this bird had much more of a wow factor (if thats possible with a duck!) this bird just lacked it. I'd love to be wrong cos it would be a much needed Yorks tick.