Monday, 23 November 2009

If you read this often you will remember I've previously mentioned a Shrike I found on my last day on Shetland. Well after I had got home I heard a couple of other birders (one of whom I told about my suspicions) had seen the bird and one of them got pics that were due to be published.

So I was pretty keen to see them and when Birding World landed on the doormat last week I flicked straight to them. Now to me the article seems a bit egotistical and doesn't read very well but the pics are what matter most and although they aren't the best quality (I'm pretty sure Rebecca Nason would have made a better job of it) they do show features of Brown Shrike. Well the jolly nice fella that has written the article has mentioned that I was the finder which is really good of him but it's a shame he couldn't tell the whole story instead of making out I reported it as a Red backed, to be honest this isn't a million miles from the truth its just it misses the important caveat that I couldn't rule out Brown and some things about it niggled me!!! Oh well everyone already told me he was a prize wanker so I suppose I should have expected it. Anyway the people that matter know what really happened.

WANKER WANKER WANKER WANKER WANKER..................................


Mark said...

Hi Garry

Just found your blog. Not that you need any back up, but I can concure that the during the conversation with Rob you did state that you couldn't rule out Brown. I was up for checking this bird out but Rob being the proud sole that he is (bless him) was, at that stage, hell bent on finding his own rare(having only had that dodgy duck all year) so we went elsewhere and found fuck all!!

P.S I've added a link from my blog.


Yorkshire Birding said...

Cheers Mark, I'll reciprocate!