Thursday, 26 November 2009

I decided to have a break from arguing with pricks on a well known forum and have a play around with photoshop cs4 to try and learn how to do the basics. Here's a selection of the Phal from yesterday when it was a bit sunnier.

Those of you that have seen this ridiculous bird may be surprised to hear I think it's probably the least photogenic bird I've seen since getting the camera. Ok so it might feed around your feet but it never stops moving and always seems to be at the wrong angle. I've taken about a million shots of it this week and none of the sharp ones are in what I'd call a nice pose.

The wind wasn't helping either. I hate birding in strong wind and photography just makes it even worse. On top of that the wind is stopping me working too I haven't been in the air for 2 weeks now! At this rate there will be no beer for me at christmas. Bah humbug.

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