Monday, 8 March 2010

I hate dog shit! The first field at Hornsea was covered in the stuff today. Makes me really glad they're not allowed on Spurn, sod the bloody ground nesting birds what about the soles of my trainer. I reckon the owners who don't clear it up should be made to eat the fuckin stuff.

Anyway, back to the birds. Saw the Brant again and 24 Barnalces at Spurn on sat, the thief is still hanging around and as any one else noticed how obvious Barn Owls are at the moment? I saw them 6 times on Sat.
Sunday Towel and me went looking for Gos' we saw 1 shortly after arrival very distant but then nowt just a load of Buzzards and a Sprawk. Although we did have a Herring Gull called out by one bloke as a Gannet due to it's white underparts and black wingtips! Maybe it was a Snow Goose! Did a bit if dudeing after and saw the usual suspects at Forge Valley and a drake Mandarin in Hackness lake then about 5 Meds at Holbeck.
Not much to speak of at Hornsea except a Slav which seems to have been there since early Feb but I'd somehow managed to avoid hearing anything about it.

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