Friday, 5 March 2010

Spring is here- it's official.

Well the one migrant I've seen so far seemed to think so anyway. Spurns first Black Red of the year was a whole month earlier than the earlierest one last year.
Other stuff included distant views of the Black Brant, 42 Pale belied Brents, 2 Shorties and a Blue Chicken Thief! One of the Shorties and the Thief were at Welwick saltmarsh with a Merlin.

Sunday was a washout with heavy rain all day so I birded from the car for a change, and saw 2 White fronts at West Carlton and 2 at Tunstall plus a total of 14 Pink feet, I missed the Crane and the poss Green winged Teal and despite spending most of the day under a nice tin roof still got soaked.

Had a couple of days flying mid week and managed this with the phone, I'll have to get a proper lens for this sort of thing.

I've been relegated, perhaps twice, seems fitting as a Leeds fan! There's a new Blog in town and it's swearier and generally more offensive than this one. I'm not sure if I've ever met the author as I was away for most of last year working or on Shetland but he recently started to bird Spurn and made me laugh so I've added Q@Spurn to my blog list. The statistical analysis of likelihood of Gulls getting some food by flying round making loads of noise chasing another Gull raised a smile, be warned though he's a fuckin sweary fucker!

I'm still clinging onto the slim hope that Brian Fendley didn't bother going for the Ring billed Gull cos if he did I'm no longer joint ninth, I'm relegated to tenth, and with Tim Isherwood just as fanatical about his Yorks list as me, and now only one bird behind, another spring walking round Scotland counting Golden Plover could be costly.

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