Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I was doing some survey work on the Humber last week and drove past the RSPB reserve house for Blacktoft in Whitgift. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the house but you will all know the road through the village, so, what I'd like to know is why the fuck have they put up a big red STOP sign at the end of the drive? Can somebody tell me, please.
It's surely the biggest waste of money I've ever seen and just typical of the stupid nanny culture that exists these days.
I reckon if you pull out of a blind drive into a road without stopping to have a bit of a look for other traffic then you deserve what's coming your way. In fact if there was no sign we'd get rid of all the numpties that need to be told to stop and we'd all be a lot fucking safer for it.
It really pisses me off that they've basically wasted someone's yearly membership fee on this and I'm glad mine lapsed a few years ago cos I don't want to support an organisation that puts so little value on it's members that it's prepared to spend their money on this shite.


Anonymous said...

shame you noticed that sign and did not end up under a truck

Yorkshire Birding said...

Shame you don't have the bottle to put your name, and your address prick

James said...

unbelievable. Garry is there any way of tracing these anonymous comments? There surely must be and then 'sick' anonymous bastards like the one who has posted here can be tracked down. I can only assume that someone who is that mentally disturbed to write what they did should be in care before they harm other people. Wishing someone dead isn't funny, scary though that these people walk among us.
Jim (James Lidster - just in case my name doesn't show up automatically)

Yorkshire Birding said...

Dunno but rest assured if I do find out who it is they'll be getting a visit!