Thursday, 29 September 2011

Never mind the Sandhill!

I'm back from Shetland and gutted!  I'll put pics of the trip up soon including some of the Sandhill Crane at Strathbeg which we just got before it left to go south.  I was hoping to be able to put up a pic of it in Yorks airspace tonight but it was not to be.
When I first heard about it this morning I didn't think it would come south as it seemed to be messing around in Northumberland and not making much progress.  Then suddenly it's over Hartlepool and then South Gare and tickable for Yorkshire before I could react!  I thought the best plan of attack was to get to Filey or nearby, maybe Hunmanby or Reighton on high ground.  I arranged to pick Tim up in Hornsea first and whilst en route got a call form the Mere Birders team with a tip off about a rather pleasing looking young lady with her kit off on the mere edge getting photographed!  So a quick check just for clarification was in order!  Well nowt wrong with their ID except almost as soon as I got there she put her clothes on!

bit distant but you get the picture!

never seen anyone else except Tony wearing white stillettos walking round the mere!

Anyway we ended up camped out a Reighton for the afternoon but it's obviously landed or gone inland.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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