Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Regular readers will know that at this time of year I check a few farm slurry ponds along the coast for waders.  This year they've been shit, really poor, the worst I have known them.  This is coupled with the fact that some of them have disappeared completely!  So I was delighted to find out about some more nearby.  I could have found out about them some time ago, about 4 yrs to be exact,  but my so called mate has been suppressing them from me in the hope he found something good!!!  I reckon he told me out of guilt because I paid his missus (and proprietor of Snazzy Feet, for all your footcare needs) to sort out my feet!  I now have superb plates and a spring in my step ready for all the iris beds on Foula.  

I was out mountain biking in Dalby forest last sat so missed the semi P at Beacon Ponds, turns out I was in luck though cos I refound it a Patrington Haven on Mon evening, unfortunately the wind was ridiculous and the bird was incredibly flighty so the pic below is the best I managed.  No sign of the bird on Tues night but cracking numbers of waders including 15 or so Curlew Sands. 

As can be seen in the video below the birds come ridiculously close as the tide pushes them towards the waiting Martin!

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