Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Well I managed to get out of psychoville alive! Actually it's a really nice place just very old fashioned and maybe a touch of inbreeding in evidence!!!!

Called in at Grantown of Spey on the way home on Thurs, managed the worlds worst view of a drake caper very briefly in flight, bit of a school boy error I tried to get my bins on it and instantly lost it! Suppose it comes from birding the coast not woods.

Had a brief look at Hornsea on Sunday, was gonna go out on a boat to try and get some pics of the Little Gulls but there were'nt any! must have been out on the sea. Probably best it was pretty windy and I expect Mel would have been moaning at having to row! Did get this shot of a juv Dunlin quite like the water and it's sharp, things are looking up.

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