Monday, 24 August 2009

Well I got the camera it's fantastic the difference is incredible, can't wait to see some birds now to try it out on! Funny thing is ever since I got a DSLR all the stuff I've seen would have been better digiscoped!!!

Went to the birdfair on Fri last week lots to spend money on especially the new scopes, wasn't too keen on the Kowa which surprised me I'm normally a fan of their stuff. What I was taken by tho was the new 25-50 wide angle zooms from Swarovski and Leica, I was never a fan of zooms until I got my Zeiss which is very wide for a zoom anyway but these new ones have raised the bar. I did think if I was gonna get an 80mm scope I'd rather not lose the last 10x of mag but comparing the old swaro zoom on 60x alongside the new one on 50x I'd have the new one everytime, hardly any difference in image size but so much sharper and very bright. I was very impressed by the new 65 Leica too thought it was nicer than the 82!

One thing that puzzles me about the optics stands is they have all this really great kit and put them on top of wobbly tripods with loose heads, why surely it can't be doing them any favours.

Been out birding a lot recently, been checking some farmers slurry ponds on the coast which always have a good turn over of birds at this time of year, best so far is Greenshank and 2 Green Sand. mate of mine has got upto 4 juv Hobby's hunting drags at dusk next to his house so had a look on sat night, only saw 1 or 2 and a bit distant but nice anyway. Today I had another look at the tip but could only manage 3 YLG's this time (5 were seen yesterday) and this evening did the terns at Spurn 9 Roseate and 2 Black went south of which I saw 7 and 1.

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