Thursday, 20 August 2009

Well I was going to go to Spurn today to cut some grass in the church field and do some birding, when I found out the mower was locked away I didn't bother cos it was really windy, seems it was a bit of a mistake the passage was fantastic down there today loads of wildfowl, waders and terns see for full details and total counts for the day.

What I did instead was go and look at some Gulls on my favourite tip, normally I only really check this site in winter and spring so I was a nice surprise to fing 9 Yellow legged Gulls, this might be a record Yorks count away from the Humber.

There's at least 1 interesting bird in this pic!

Noticed on the internet Hurricane Bill is forecast to sweep accross the Atlantic in the next few days, which is nice considering I'm off to the Scillies next weekend, August=Yellow Warblers so here's hoping would be nice to find! It's mainly a trip to get away somewhere nice with the girlfriend but I'll have my bins with me everywhere and will be trying to get out on one of the shark fishing trips or evening pelagics.

Also today I booked my ferries and flights for my autumn hols I'm off to North Ron, Foula and Fair Isle with a few days on mainland Shetland thrown in for good measure, if I don't find something good I'll string myself up! Bit worried though will be away for over a month and the same period last year got me Brown Shrike, Pallas's Gropper and Amur Falcon- I may be suicidal if I miss a cast like that and don't come back with a monster to my credit!

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