Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Whilst birding at Swinemoor on Sunday I thought my pod legs were geting a bit stiff to slacken and needed some oil/grease to get a nice smooth action, so I got home unscrewed the collars on the first leg applied grease, result nice and silky. Repeated on the second leg no problem good as new. Started the 3rd leg and disaster 20 minutes after last being used it was stuck solid! Out comes the WD40 no chance it's not budging, in the vice (nice and gente not too tight, it is carbon and alloy) still not having it, hmmmm. Time for shock treatment so a bit of heat required off come the covers over the BBQ burners and carefully heat the offending collar in the flame, into a bucket of cold waterand still no movement. By now I need a beer so after a nice cold can of Carlsberg it goes into the heat again this time movement, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK I've only gone and melted the bonding that holds the carbon tube into the alloy so I now have a £500 bipod what a twat. I'd just sold someone a brand new Manfrotto Carbon that afternoon as well!

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