Friday, 4 November 2011

The colour of long worn underwear!

Finally!  Finally there's a good bird in Yorks.  Finally I've got a Yorkshire tick, my first since spring 2010 and FINALLY I've gripped back Izzy Wheatear and pulled one clear of Tim Isherwood.

After my mate Gristi found an Izzy Wheatear near Sammies point in 1990 that I couldn't get a lift for It's been a massive ommision on my Yorks list. There was the Filey bird in 2006 that wasn't gettable and a couple of near misses from the Whitby area but I really was starting to think I'd not get this one back.

Fortunately Yorkshire's version of Geri Bagswell allegedly found a Wheatear nr the Narrows earlier, that's right a Wheatear, just a Wheatear.  Apparently the date didn't make him even the least bit suspicious about it, and he didn't give it a second glance.  The people that he mentioned it to did though and this is what they saw.  Well actually they didn't cos it wasn't in Pauls hand when they saw it!

I saw the bird in the field for the requisite 2 seconds and ruled out Chaffinch and Wren then punched the air and yelled get fuckin in!!!  I then watched it for 10-15 minutes until it wandered into one of Paul's spring traps.  After being rung it was released in the same place and it continued actively feeding.

It's a very clear night up here tonight but the bird had no fat on it so hopefully it will stay for the Saturday crowds, they don't often though so It'll be a case of squeeky bum time for those travelling up tomorrow.

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James said...

glad you enjoyed my underwear comment in the BBRC report : )