Sunday, 20 November 2011

It's an age thing!

And I don't mean getting laughed at by 20 year old lasses when you try unsuccessfully to chat them up, this is far worse.  Well it has far worse consequences anyway.

What am I on about?  Not concentrating enough.  Specifically not concentrating enough when reading the pager/twitter feed.  After an initial urge to go to K*nt had subsided it seems I'd kind of glazed over when checking Birdnet's excellent Twitter feed (shameless plug) and read Northumberland as K*nt, or more likely not even read it at all and just flicked past it.

So after I'd been blissfully unaware of the presence of an eastern Black Red on Holy Island for 2 days I set off rather belatedly.  It would have been rude not to cos as it happens (nice bit of Jimmy there) I was staying in Newcastle Friday night for work so someone else effectively paid for most of my fuel costs.

So about the bird then, well what a fuckin stunner, as most people do I love Chats they surely have the best shapes around.  As I got there quite late everyone else had fecked off and left the bird in peace which meant I got pornstar views of it as it fed on insects around my feet that I'd disturbed walking along through the rocks.

There was no chance of any pics of it as the light was too poor but I'm constantly amazed at how good video comes out in low light conditions.  Here's a couple of short sequences.

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