Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy feckin new year

It appears Yorkslister has been too busy to update the blog!  I'm not too sure what I've been doing though as I certainly haven't been doing much birding, in fact I've done exactly none since early December, apart from when working that is.

In the couple of weeks following the last post I did manage to see the desert Wheatear at Bempton a couple of times, although strong winds made it very hard to get any good pics of it.  Here's the best I managed.

And on the same day I saw a smart adult Caspin Gull pickd out by an eagle eyed Yorks newcomer Lee Johnson at North cave which performed well and allowed pics and video which nailed all the features.  Unusual in yorks as not many records make the grade despite being claimed with increasing regularity.  heres a couple of shots of it.

 Right I'm off but will be updating again over the coming days with Grey Shrikes and Bean Geese, you have been warned!!!!

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