Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I didn't mention that I saw the Cattle egret at Top Hill on Sunday morning.  I didn't spend long looking at it cos it was through a hedge as it walked round the front garden of Easingwold farm.  So this afternoon I called into Hempholme to have another look at it.  It showed really well along the grass at the side of the boatyard.

All the above pics taken at about 30 metres range in shit light and hand held at 800 ISO.  I really need to get an adapter and cable release for this camera, I reckon the results in good light with a proper set up will be really impressive.

It seems this bird has raised the old argument about supression.  Whilst I haven't had the story first hand I've had it from good sources including the county recorder and one of the lads from Top hill and it seems some of the regulars there were told about the bird by the local farmer and have been seeing it since before the new year but kept it quiet as the farmer asked them not to release news.  Trouble is they said the road and land are private which isn't true and in any case you can park at Top hill and walk half an hour to view it there are also plenty of public footpaths.  It's a shame really as althoough it's not a mega rare bird it's still a good county record and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.  I have to say I've lost a bit of respect for one person in particular who I have considered a friend for a long time, and might not be quite as quick to let him know about the next decent bird at Spurn.

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